What services can we offer?

Mechanical and/or Electrical Estimating Services

You will be provided with a full estimate, broken down into a simple to understand format. All estimates come complete with a comprehensive clarifications document detailing our specific inclusions, exclusions, any risk items, or areas where we believe an apparent cost saving may be available. 

We clearly identify the manufacturers and subcontractors on which our estimates are based along with details of the standard manufacturers discount structures which have been applied to ‘bread and butter’ materials. 

We can provide our estimates fully NETT for you to apply your own overhead and profit. A standard labour rate will be applied (varying on location) to the estimate and the number of hours will be clearly identified in our clarifications document to allow our client to make any cost alterations as necessary. 

Alternatively, you can advise us of your overheads and profits and desired labour rate and we can include in our services.

Project Preliminaries

These can be left for you to add. Alternatively, we can provide advice and include as we would deem necessary on the project.

Should we leave the preliminaries for you to add, we would advise in our clarifications document any preliminary items which we believe are particular to the project for your consideration and inclusion.

Fully Designed or Design & Build Projects

Fully designed projects will be quoted completely specification compliant unless instructed otherwise. Where a project is received on a design and build basis, we can produce a concept/preliminary design based on the information received, allowing us to carry out our material take offs and obtain subcontract quotations. 

The tender period required to carry out a design and build project will be extended, reflecting the additional design work. 

Labour Only or Material Take Offs?

If you’re pricing a project on a labour only basis or simply need a take off doing, please contact us. 

Budget Quotations & Cost Plans

Are you needing a cost plan to see if a project is financially viable? Sometimes a budget is all you need. We will use our industry experience across a multitude of sectors to provide you with approximate costings.

Value Engineering

Need to hit a target figure? Think a project is over-engineered? We can assess a project, whether we have priced it or not and advise whether we see any scope for cost savings.

Site Surveys & Proposals

Need a survey carrying out and proposal putting together? We operate nationwide and can attend site, assess, put forward and price proposals in line with clients requirements.

Procurement Assistance

Utilising our database of suppliers and subcontractors, should you require any assistance with procurement, alternative manufacturers, production of technical submittals or quotation evaluation we can help.

M&E Tender Analysis

Are you a main contractor having received multiple conflicting and confusing M&E quotations? We can carry out appraisals, plug gaps and provide advice on contractors inclusions, exclusions and compliance of quotations against specification.